Clinical Management Centre – St Ann’s Valley

Further practice update:
We are continuing to try and manage problems remotely. This means that while you can’t book a face to face appointment at the moment, we will call you back initially if you leave your details with reception and will decide the best course of action from there. This may include:

  • completely assessing and managing your problem over the phone
  • video calling you to assess things further
  • bringing you up to surgery for a face-to-face appointment or visiting you at home if deemed necessary. On the last point, we now have availablity of a clinical management centre (CMC) which is based at the St Ann’s Valley Centre. Therefore, if you have symptoms of COVID that we feel requires a face-to-face assessment, we may ask you to attend an appointment there. This is to try and minimise infection spread as much as possible. The assessment at the CMC will be a very streamlined process to try and minimise face to face contact.
    On a separate note, as per public health guidance, we are now wearing Personal Protective Equipment (apron / mask / gloves) for every face-to-face appointment, whether COVID-related or not. This is again to try and minimise infection spread as a lot of individuals may experience no symptoms of COVID.
    Thank you for your understanding and for continuing to always call us first rather than turn up.