Publication of mean GP net earnings 2017/2018

From April 2015 it has been a contractual requirement for GMS practices to publish on their practice websites by 31 March 2016 the mean net earnings of the partners, salaried GPs and any locum who has worked in the practice for over six months.
This includes:
• income from NHS England, CCGs and local authorities for the provision of GP services that relate to the contract or which have been nationally determined
• all earnings to be reported are pre-tax, National Insurance and employee pension contributions
• for contractors the figures are net of practice expenses incurred
This does not include:
• income and costs related to premises

Our accountants have examined GP earnings at our practice for the period 2017/18. In that period there were two full-time and five part-time GP partners. The mean net earnings per GP were £68,416.