Pride month

Thanks to our Registrar Dr Sadaf Baig for putting together this fab post for resources and information in #pridemonth

“I remember in camp, often times they would separate teams, boys vs girls. I felt uncomfortable when I was forced into the girls’ side. I never said I was a girl. Sure, that label was given to me, but I didn’t feel that right away. I remember getting ready for swimming later in the day and I wore trunks over my one-piece because that is how I felt comfortable. I was forced to take the trunks off in the locker room…because it went against their rules… I felt ashamed in my body with no one to affirm how I was feeling.” – Aaliyah Charania

We know that some of you may have encountered situations like the one above, amongst other difficult experiences. In order to celebrate and create awareness around Pride Month, we have put together some resources with useful information and support for our LGBTQ+ patients. If you have a preferred pronoun, please let us know so that we can add a special note onto your medical record.

If you are a person that has breasts and/or a cervix (and our records have you down as male because you have transitioned or otherwise) please contact us so that we may add an alert to invite you for national breast and cervical screening programmes at the appropriate times. This is because if our system records you as a ‘Male’, you may be missed on automatic screening.

Similarly, if you are a person with a prostate that does not identify as male (and our records have you down as female because you have transitioned or otherwise), please contact us so that we may add an alert so that staff can bear this in mind when considering your symptoms. We can also ensure you have abdominal aortic screening.
If you have any other suggestions or resources, please comment on this post.

Images from @lgbtq