Practice policies

  • Temporary Residents

    We are happy to see any friends or relatives who are staying with you. They will need to complete a temporary registration form at reception prior to their appointment.

  • Change of personal details

    Please ensure that you inform us of any change in address or telephone number as soon as possible, so that we can contact you if needed. In particular it is useful to have a mobile/daytime telephone number for you, in addition to your home number. If you would like to change the surgery you usually attend please let us know.

  • Rights and responsibilities

    We aim to treat all our patients promptly, courteously and in complete confidence. Please help us by:

    • Attending on-time for your appointment
    • Telephone us if you need to cancel your appointment
    • If you require an urgent appointment please telephone at 8.00am
    • If you require a home visit please telephone before 10.30am
    • If you need to call for test results, please do so after 1pm
  • Confidentiality

    The practice respects the privacy, dignity and confidentiality of all patients and their parents/carers at all times.

    All doctors and staff abide by our confidentiality policy. Patients can expect that their personal information is confidential and will not be disclosed without their permission except in the most exceptional circumstances.

    Information about patient (or their parent/carer) is not shared with any healthcare professional or department who is not specifically involved in their care; nor is it shared with any other healthcare professional or third party without the expressed consent of the patient (or their parent/carer) – we would usually request this consent in writing.

    Anonymised information drawn from your medical record may be used for management, audit and research purposes.

    The practice is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

  • Access to your medical record

    You have the right under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to know what information is kept about you and how it is used. You can ask to see that information, including your medical record (both computerised and paper records).

    The practice now offers on-line access through the Patient Access website. You can use this service to make appointments, order repeat prescriptions, and view your basic medical record.

    If you would like to use this service, please ask at reception for an application form. You will need to complete this and provide some identification (including photographic indentification). When your application has been processed you will be given the details required to register with Patient Access.

  • Chaperones

    We respect your privacy and dignity, and understand that some patients find certain physical examinations embarrassing or stressful. If you would like a chaperone to be present during any physical examination by a doctor or other health professional, or would prefer a female or male doctor to examine you, please ask and we will do our best to meet your wishes. On occasion the doctor may also wish a nurse to be present as a chaperone or assistant.

  • Zero-tolerance policy

    We aim to treat all our patients courteously at all times, and expect our patients to treat our staff in a similar respectful manner. We take seriously any threatening, abusive or violent behaviour against any of our staff, patients or premises. If a patient is violent or abusive they will be warned to stop their behaviour. If they persist, we may exercise our right to have them removed, immediately if necessary, from our registered list of patients. The police will be called if required. This practice enforces a “zero-tolerance” policy.